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Aimix ABT series concrete pumps can be used to transport concrete, fine stone, mortar transport, which is usually used in construction, floor heating, tunnel and underground construction. it also can be used as a spray pump when temporary spraying equipment for concrete, Mortar, refractory materials and green clay spraying etc. Aimix trailer pump is widely used for conveying high-rise buildings, railways, tunnels, bridge construction and special applications, hydraulic power, excavation and defense.

Concrete Trailer Pump–Electric Type

ABT80 Concrete Trailer Pump
Items ABT80D
Max. theo. concrete output 80 m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure 16/11 MPa
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke Φ200×1800 (mm)
Outlet diameter Φ180 mm
Electrical engineering power 90 kw
Max. aggregate diameter Slick/scree:40/50 mm
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ABT60 Concrete Trailer Pump
Items ABT60D
Max. theo. concrete output 60/36 m³/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure 13/7 MPa
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke Ф200×1650 mm
Hopper capacity×feeding height (L×mm) 800/1100
Outlet diameter Ф180 mm
Max. aggregate diameter Slick/scree:40/50
Electrical engineering power 90 kW
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ABT40 Concrete Trailer Pump
Items ABT40-13-45
Max. theo. concrete output (L./H.) 40 m³/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure (H. /L.) 10 MPa
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke Φ180×1200 mm
Max. aggregate diameter Slick/scree:40/50 mm
Outlet diameter Φ100 mm
Electrical engineering power 45 kW
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Concrete Trailer Pump–Diesel Type

Items ABT80C
Max. theo. concrete output (L./H.) 80 m³/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure (H. /L.) 16/11 MPa
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke Φ200×1800 (mm)
Hopper capacity*feeding height 800/1400 L/mm
Outlet diameter Φ180 mm
Diesel engine model Wechai
Electrical engineering power 176 kW
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Items ABT60C
Max. theo. concrete output 67/45 m³/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure 13/7 MPa
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke Φ200×1650 mm
Hopper capacity×feeding height 800×1400 (L×mm)
Outlet diameter Ф180 mm
Diesel engineering model Wechai
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Items ABT40C
Max. theo. concrete output (L./H.) 40/26 m³/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure (H. /L.) 10/7.6 MPa
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke Φ180×1200 mm
Hopper capacity×feeding height (mm) 400/1100
Outlet diameter Ф150 mm
Circuit type Open circuit
Electrical engineering power 82 kW
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As a professional concrete pump manufacturer, Aimix Machinery is committed to providing customers with high quality concrete pumps. If you need other types and capacity of concrete pump, our professional engineers can design according to your demand and provide free installation, maintenance and other service to you. please Contact us.

HBTS80S-90E-Concrete Trailer Pump

HBTS80-13-90 Electric Concrete Trailer Pump

Items HBTS80-13-90
Max. theo. concrete output 82/48(m3/h)
Max.concrete pumping pressure 13/7MPa
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke Ф200×1650
Hopper capacity*feeding height 0.8/1400(3/mm)
Outlet diameter Ф180
Electrical engineering power 90kW

HBTS80-13-129R-Concrete Trailer Pump

HBTS80-13-129R Concrete Trailer Pump

Items HBTS80-13-129R
Max. theo. concrete output (m3/h) 84/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure  (MPa) 13/7.6
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke Ф200×1650
Hopper capacity*feeding height 0.8/1400
Outlet diameter Ф180
Diesel engine model Wechai Duetz

Features Of Aimix Concrete Trailer Pump:

1. Reliable performance: adopt Italy hydraulic drive, which reduce reversing impact. S Valves system is easy to maintain.
2.Complete machine can be divided into two parts, which is easy to transport and install in mining construction situation.
3. Japanese Kawasaki original Core parts assures reliable quality and long working lifetime.
4. Intelligent power control system to regulate the engine speed automatically, smooth and efficient operation
5. Plunger pump with constant power, to ensure the efficiency of main engine. High-quality wear resistant alloy components for long service-life. Air cooling system is without dependence of external water.
6. PLC system to ensure best performance, which can be equipped with wired remote controller that is easy to operate.

Aimix Trailer Pump Delivery:

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Aimix group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction industry in China. Our concrete pump, concrete pump for sale, concrete mixing pump, concrete boom pump, concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar plant and other products have been exported to many countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Algeria, Fiji, USA, Russia and other countries and Aimix professional concrete trailer pump is of high reputation. If you need other types and capacity of concrete pump, our professional engineers can design according to your demand and provide free installation, maintenance and other service to you. please Contact us.

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