How To Choose The Best Asphalt Mixing Plant?

How to choose the best asphalt mixing plant?
It is not as simple as you thought to choose the best asphalt mixing plant for you. Various of reasons should be account to it. For example, the engineer character, the project requirement, the budget, the capacity, model and kinds, national standards, etc. In a word, the reasons are complicated and each of them will greatly impact the final choose. So you must considered seriously of them without random.


Ⅰ. The Most Suitable One Is The Best One.
Ⅱ. 5 Steps To Help You Selecting The Asphalt Plant.
Ⅲ. What Should Be Noticed For The Asphalt Plant Itself.

Ⅰ.The Most Suitable One Is The Best One.

How to choose the best asphalt mixing plant?

The largest capacity, the highest quality configuration is not always the best choice when selecting the asphalt plant. The most suitable one is the best one for you!
1. The capacity should fit your project scale.
2. The compulsory type or drum mix type? Which one is suitable for the final asphalt quality requirement?
3. Mobile type or stationary type? Which one fit well the project characteristic?
4. The budget should be suitable for your project cost.
5. The whole equipment is suitable for the space you have.
6. The dust remove device should fit the local environmental requirement.
7. The burner should match with your energy which is easy to obtain and suitable for the budget.

Ⅱ. 5 Steps To Help You Selecting The Asphalt Plant

Step 1. Knowing the application & types you need
Step 2: certain the capacity requirement.
Step 3: determine whether it can meet local road construction standards, environmental protection & energy saving requirement.
Step 4: Confirm The Price Range
Step 5: Confirm The Manufacturer Of Asphalt Mix Plant

Step 1. Knowing the application & types you need
First of all, you should determine the application & types of asphalt plant. You can check details in the picture.

Knowing the application & types you need

1.If you are planing to build a new road with large scale & high level, you should choose ALQ asphalt mixing plant. If the project is of small scale and has no need of additives & no requirement of grade, then the ALT asphalt drum mix plant is your better choice.
2.If you are going to build a long but narrow road which the asphalt plant has to change the working site frequently, ALYQ mobile asphalt mixing plant or ALYT mobile asphalt drum mix plant is suitable. If the road project isn’t very long, but the road surface requires more than four-lane in both directions ALQ stationary asphalt batch plant or ALT stationary asphalt drum plant is a good choice.

3.If you only need to repair some small pits of current road, ALYS mobile double drum asphalt plant or ALYJ mobile asphalt plant is enough to you.
4.If the project is limited in land occupancy, for example in the hills, small capacity mobile asphalt plant is the wise choice, like ALYS mobile double drum asphalt plant, ALYJ mobile asphalt plant.

1.The difference between asphalt mixing plant and asphalt drum mix plant. Click for details.
2.If the site of asphalt plant is far away from the project construction site, I suggest you’ d better calculate the time needed for the full-load truck from the mixing station to the road construction site during the peak hours. If it spends too long time, mobile asphalt plant is a better choice.

Step 2: Certain the capacity requirement.

Calculate the required per hour capacity of the asphalt plant, according to the project scale. For example, if the calculate result is 40 t/h, you’ d better choose asphalt plant of 50tph or 60tph capacity. One more example, if it has to produce 3000 tons asphalt in 8 hours, then 400tph capacity asphalt plant is the best choice. The ideal asphalt plant is able to operate at 80% to 90% capacity, most of the time.

Large capacity asphalt plant is easy to full-load of finished asphalt storage bins. You have to shut down the producing at this time and leave time for transport truck to empty the storage cabin. Which decrease the productivity and enlarge the cost. The small capacity bitumen mixing plant do not have this problem, which can work continuously.

Step 3: Determine whether it can meet local road construction standards, environmental protection & energy saving requirement.

Different countries & districts have different road construction standards. It standards diameters of cold aggregates for paving in road construction standard. The screen size has to adjust according to specific requirements. The environmental protection & energy saving standard is difference as well. If you can not reach the standard, it may has risk of been commanded to shut down. Choosing environmental asphalt mixing plant, you may spend a lot at the beginning, but it will bring large return for long term investment.

Step 4: Confirm The Price Range

The purchase budget determines capacity and types you can choose for asphalt plant. Besides the equipment requirements, you also need to consider different suppliers, the value of different types asphalt plant, to avoid unnecessary cost. The value almost determines the early or late return & the amount of return, after asphalt plant investment.

1.Aimix asphalt mixing plant is consisted of cold aggregate supplying system, drying system, elevator system, weighing system, dust removal system, control system, etc. Customize or select what kinds of core component and ask for price for each system. Then you can roughly determine the price range of your customized asphalt mixing plant.
2.Aimix Asphalt Plant price range table shows in the sheet below.

Step 5: Confirm The Manufacturer Of Asphalt Mix Plant

The right manufacturer decrease the cost of operation and maintenance. So how to select the real manufacturer in numerous suppliers? There are a few points may be useful to you:
1. Check out how long the manufacturer exist. Generally the manufacturer exist for more than 10 years is reliable.
2. Find out whether the types of asphalt mix plant is complete. The supplier without some types asphalt plant shows its small scale and low craft R & D capabilities.
3. Observing whether the supplier focus on details of the asphalt plant or whether the manufacture craft is advanced. This determined the quality & operation experience of asphalt mixing plant to the clients.
4. Knowing whether after-sales service is complete and sincere. In time reply and follow up solution is important. The after-sales service including maintenance guidance, operator training, component supply, assistance in repair, etc from the manufacturer could save a large amount of time & cost, which also improve investment return.
5. View is the enterprise’ s culture strict and impressive. The enterprise’ s culture is also important, because it is corporate culture that injects some kinds of gene into the company and its products.

Ⅲ. What Should Be Noticed For The Asphalt Plant Itself

Understanding methods and steps of selecting an asphalt mix plant, some key elements of asphalt plant itself need to be considered carefully, as well. Here are some examples:

1. What is fuel material used for the burner?
The burning material includes 3 types: coal, gas, oil. Generally you need to consider the convenience and cost of the fuel supply. It means the easier to get of the fuel, the cheaper more and cost-effective to use. That is the reason why you customize burner from manufacturer

2. How to configure the dust collector?
Normally asphalt drum mix plant use cyclone and capacity more than 40tph asphalt plant use water dust collector, these types has limited environmental protection effects. You can ask the supplier configure advanced dust collector or choose asphalt batch mix plant. Compulsory asphalt mixing plant often use spiral dust collector and bag filter to deal with dust pollution problem.

3. The method of bitumen supply
Bitumen supply method is relatively rough in some countries or regions, some dig a pit on the ground for containing bitumen, some others use a barrel or a large tanker, which not only does not save energy, but also cause low quality of finished mixture. Aimix asphalt mixing plant use tank for asphalt storage, in which asphalt is heated by direct heating or heat transfer oil. Continuous heating makes asphalt in liquid situation and the temperature is controllable, the process is energy-saving and the finished mixture comes out with high-quality.

5.Is additives necessary?
If the project need to use mastic and other additives, then the asphalt plant should be equipped with external powder adding system. No need if the projects have no such requirements.

6. How to choose control system?
You can use computer or touch screen for your favor. They all use PLC control system to realize manual or semi-automatic control. It is convenient and intuitive to operate, saves operating costs and has high safety. You can specify which brand of PLC control system to use on your asphalt plant.

Asphalt mix plant is a large-scale equipment, so there are supposed to be many problems such as above. If you do not understand or have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: , Whatsapp: +8618569987062 or leave message in the blank sheet below, we will reply to you sooner.

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