Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

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  • Stationary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant For Sale
  • Stationary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant For Sale
  • Stationary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant For Sale

Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

    • Types: 1.2cub, 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub, 4cub and 6.5cub
    • High working efficiency and less energy consumption!
    • High stirring quality and short stirring time!
    • At least 5 labor saving at least a day!
    • Save electricity 100 degrees everyday without a blender!
    • Application industry:  Concrete / Cement Products, Precast Elements, Dam Construction, Road Paving, Industrial Floors, Architectural Precast…
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Advantages Of Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixer:

High Efficiency:

Self loading concrete mixer has strong function that feed, mix and discharge aggregate by itself. It has weighing system and automatic water adding system for easy operation. No need for auxiliary equipment, high efficiency!


Self loading concrete mixer has characteristics of small volume, four wheels-driving and steering, it can greatly save labor cost (only needs 1-2 workers for operation) and solve big troubles of transporting concrete.


What’s more, it can discharge concrete at 270 degrees, which is much more convenient in all kinds of concrete production construction site. It especially suitable for small and narrow construction sites, which can save cost for most users.

Test running:

There are lager amount of areas for our customers to test the self loading concrete mixer truck in our factory, and here we warmly welcome you to test mixer truck. Test for driving, feeding, mixing, discharging, climbing, etc are available.

Technical Parameters Of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck:

Self Loading Mixer Model


AS-2.6 AS-3.2


Drum geometrical capacity

2680 L

3580 L 3580 L

6000 L

Discharge Capacity

1800 L

2600 L 3200 L

4000 L

Engine Model

Yuchai 4102

YCD4102Z YCD4105


Rated Power


78kw 85kw


Gear box model


ZL-280 ZL-280



4 forward 4 back

4 forward 4 back 4 forward 4 back

4 forward 4 back

Fuel tank

63 L

75 L 75 L

230 L

Total hydraulic system capacity

63 liters

75 liters 75 liters

170 liters

Oil tank

16 liters

16 liters 16 liters

16 liters



HJ80-43 HJ80-43


Hydraulic Pump


CBG9 2050/2032 Parker pump

Parker pump

Hydraulic Motor


BM5-160 HAA2FM56/61W-VTD527


Water tank

400 L

500 L 620 L

660 L

Overall dimensions(L*W*H)


7800*2720*3000 7800*2720*3300


Wheelbase (mm)


2615 2615


Curb Weight (kg)


6500 7200


Drive Form

Torque converter

Torque converter Torque converter

Torque converter

Drum rotate


270º 270º


Drum mixing speed (r/min)


13 13


Chassis Max.Speed (kn/h)


30 35


Maximum grade


30º 30º


Maximum turning radius (mm)


5300 4000


Minimum ground clearance (mm)


380 330


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How To Choose Self loading mobile concrete mixer


Making a detailed comparison among several self loading concrete mixer suppliers is a necessity, then you will get much affordable and reasonable price. Aimix is a reliable self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, our can give you the most competitive price. A good manufacturer will have big factory and workshop, advanced technologies and professional technicians, etc. Aimix not only has big factory and office in China, but also in overseas. We have set up LBS center in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. If you choose Aimix, you will save a lot of shipping cost and maintenance cost.

Aimix factory and workshop

------------Strict quality inspection------------

Here are quality inspection department, and strict inspection guarantees that the unqualitified equipment will be reworked and will not be delivered to our customers.

Strict quality inspection

If you want to more details, please send us inquiry, you will get specifications for Self Loading Concrete Mixers.

------------Successful cases------------

Aimix has exported more than 500 sets of self loading concrete mixers to worldwide, such as, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Botswana, Russia,etc. There are sufficient machines stored in our factory, which ensures short delivery time. Meanwhile, we have ability to accept big orders from our customers.


Interested in 4.0 cub self-loading concrete mixers?

Please leave us message. We will send details to you about the self mixer, such as, self loading mixer price, color, driving method, shipment method, payment method, etc; Then after you pay us, our salesperson will monitor the whole production of self-loading concrete mixers, our will do test run and inspection before shipment, ensure the machine can be operate normally.

We Promise…

1. Help your project site installation and debug;

2. Free training for your operator;

3. Above all is our pre-sales service and on-sale service, we also pay much more attention to after-sale service. Any problem, we will be here to for you, or go to your city, check and maintain;

4. Spare parts are in stock, any needs, please leave your message on our website, we will arrange shipment within 48 hours;

Get interest of our Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck? Click here leave message to us. Or chat with us on whatsapp:8618569987062

    How to get price and support

    In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please buy the products of Aimix Group from formal channels. Your can leave a message or call us by phone: +86-18569982570. Our sales manager will give you a detailed reply.